Cacti rd not updating

29-Nov-2017 11:27

cacti rd not updating-50

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The problem appears to be the select,, data_as data_input_method, as active from data_template,data_template_data left join data_input on data_template_data.data_input_id = data_where data_= data_template_data.data_template_id and data_template_data.local_data_id = 0 order by data_query in /data_ -- Tom Chiverton Advanced Cold Fusion Programmer Heya, I'm having a bit of difficulty interpreting the documentation regarding data Queries.

If I remove the data_template_data.local_data_id=0 clause, I get a bit long list back as expected, other wise I get a much shorter list (just ones I've created today for debugging, basically). This is my first attempt at it, so I may not get some fundamental idea.

Example output: spam:108 innocent:2 local:2001 remote:826 et:97 spf:1 smtpr:20 vrfy:10 nu:174 nm:3 rl:6 virus:14 All these counter slowly increase.

I have a similar script for Apache stats, I always had the problem that after a server reboot it showed a major peek after this reboot, drowning the real stats..

So I have decided to use an old Speed Stream 4200 instead.

Add a new data source without a template seems fine.

Adam Clark =20 Network Administrator National Gallery of Victoria 180 St Kilda Rd Melbourne, Vic, 3004 Hey, Don't know if you got it fixed or not.

Change the Maximum size from = 100 to higher, should work then.

but I had a graph for "Host MIB - Available disk space" that got 1 variable working (the one I defined with the SNMP OID above) but not the other one (for instance, I get tha used space but not the total, or the other way around).

I tought I could get 2 variables recorded, if I created a data source for both "Used Space /" and "Total Space /" (altought it seems stupid as this last one is always the same) but then I would need to find a way to put these 2 values on the graphs I have for HD Space....

I’ve been trying to use Cacti to graph my ADSL’s Sync rate and SNR/Attenuation Ratios for the past few weeks as I’ve been having issues with my ADSL.