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One popular example would be Outlook Express, ever since the Preview Pane has been introduced within the email client, Outlook Express users have become prone to Email-Borne Viruses.Anyway, getting back to the subject of this tutorial, even including the ‘Save Password’ feature has made the User’s Password unsafe.For example: D(af) = A D(aaff) = AA D(aa MMQQfgfgfg) = Aa Bb Cc Decrypting the password manually would be quite fun, but would definitely be a very time consuming process.Anyhow, I do suggest you try to decrypt the Netzero Password manually atleast once. all passwords begin with a 0 and end with a 1 chart: a=a A=# b=? Name this new DWORD value as Min Pwd Len and in the data field, enter the minimum number of characters the password has to be of.Now, this system sounds quite safe, however, if you look deeper, then you find that it is trouble waiting to happen.The very fact that the encrypted password has to be stored somewhere, makes this feature vulnerable.

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This vulnerability cannot be exploited unless and until you get the required file, for that you either have to have local access or need to devise a method of getting the file, which contains the password.

Anyway, almost always the main motive behind getting root on a system is to get the password file.

Once you get the Router password file, then you need to be able to decrypt the encrypted passwords stored by it. The following is a C program which demonstrates how to decrypt a CISCO password.

Welcome to another edition of Password Cracking Decrypted.

In this manual we will learn, you guessed it, how to crack passwords.

Cracking the Netzero (Free ISP) Dial Up Password Today, the number of Internet Service Providers (both free and the not so free ones) has really reached a very high figure.