Cancer woman dating a capricorn man

21-Jun-2017 03:18

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These men can't stay away from home for a long time. They always remember what people do for them and try their best to return the gesture. If they take someone for a date, they will try their best to make this date as beautiful as possible, preferably cooking the food themselves.

Woman The Cancer woman is very much like the Cancer man in most traits, which is kind of obvious.

Like I have said before, these two need to concentrate on the good part of their relationship.

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If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Capricorn and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first.The result is a sensual and intense experience that leaves both of us panting for more!My name is Sara, I'm a Cancer and about seven years ago I met Jamie, who is a Capricorn.Her family is bound to be the center of her universe for the rest of her life. They are introverts and appreciate people who would talk only when it is needed.