Catholic dating divorced people

05-Jun-2017 00:26

For example, according to Frese, in the Archdiocese of Atlanta less than 15 percent of the archdiocese’s 100 parishes offer any sort of programming for Catholics who are going through or have been through divorce.

And those numbers, he said, are fairly typical of (or better than) what you’ll find in most dioceses.

They don’t want to hear the truth about what the Church teaches on marriage.

Deeper more fundamental questions also usually have to be addressed, questions about who Jesus is, what marriage is and what God expects from us. They’ve bought in to the culture’s ideas of a God who simply wants his children to be nice and tolerant and a Church who can’t be trusted (or listened to) when it comes to questions of sex and relationships.

Most Catholics, divorced or otherwise, think they know the Church’s answers to those questions. Many also have bought into an idea of marriage that isn’t about the two spouses helping each other grow in holiness, but rather about each person’s own personal happiness. Our personal happiness is not supposed to be at the top of the list.

Those are the questions those tasked with ministering to divorced Catholics find themselves needing to answer right away.

But, because a good portion of the Catholics who seek the Church’s aid in the wake of a divorce are (like many of their married peers) both unevangelized and uncatechized, answering those questions is just the beginning.

“In the immediate aftermath of divorce, you feel like you’re not wanted by anybody,” said Greg Mills, president of Catholic Divorce Ministry (formerly the North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics).

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