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02-Nov-2017 22:23

A 2016 study conducted by the University of Copenhagen confirmed a strong link between contraceptives and clinical depression.As reported by Holly Grigg-Spall for [emphasis added] with an 80% increase when taking the combined pill, and that risk is two-fold with the progestin-only pill.But if you’re a millennial (born…between 19), it’s likely your attitude is more complex.Winter goes on to cite an NHS study that found “the number of women …who used user-dependent contraception, including the pill, had dropped by more than 13% between 20.” The reasons for this were diverse, from the potentially cancer-causing effects to the more mundane, fatigue with the everyday experiences of “mood swings, bloating, and weight gain.” Last October, French public radio host Sabrina Debusquat conducted a survey of 3,616 French women who had taken the Pill and found out why 91% had stopped at least one time.In addition, other hormone-based methods commonly offered to women…such as the hormonal IUS/coil, the patch and the ring, were shown to increase depression at a rate much higher than either kind of oral contraceptives.Despite these findings and those of other other smaller studies, Grigg-Spall observed that the medical community continues to tell women “not to be alarmed, concerned, or deterred from continuing to use our hormonal contraceptives.” In its glory days [the pill] represented the liberation of women from the fear of unwanted pregnancies allowing them to act freely and safely for the first time ever.Two apps have been developed to assist women in charting their monthly cycles, Kindara, developed in 2012, and, more recently, Natural Cycles.According to a The app works on symptom-thermal based system.

The World Health Organization (WHO), classifies combined oral contraceptives (COCs) and combined hormonal menopausal treatment as “Carcinogens (Group 1)-Carcinogenic to humans.” This is the same level of risk as tobacco and asbestos.More and more, a woman wants to be in touch with her natural body, to respect it just as she wants to respect the environment.Fed up with the medical community’s downplaying of quality of life issues, grassroots efforts are employing modern technology to facilitate more natural methods of family planning.The study followed 1.8 million Danish women for over ten years.

Based on their findings, the researchers estimate for every 100,000 women, hormone contraceptive use causes an additional 13 breast cancer cases a year.

…Faith and the [scientific] evidence …all point in the same direction: The Church’s teachings against contraception…[protects] the well-being of all. Proudly Catholic, Mary has been happily married for 21 years and is Mom to four teenagers.

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