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12-Dec-2017 14:32

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One of the GOP’s leading billionaire donors is also funding 96 percent of a super PAC named “Black Americans for a Better Future.”Funny thing is, that donor, eccentric billionaire Robert Mercer, is white.

Two eagle-eyed watchdogs, Derek Willis of Pro Publica and Dave Levinthal of Public Integrity, spotted the funding in a recent set of FEC filings, and The Intercept first reported the news.

“Black men need more white women like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham,” Jackson wrote in a 2014 post.

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But Jackson says they are deluded by Black leaders who refuse to criticize the president else they “jeopardize their invitations to the White House’s Christmas party.”So, Jackson continued, “it’s ok to do specific things for the Black bourgeoisie—private invitations to the White House, rides on Air Force One, private movie screenings at the White House, but [Obama] can’t do things specifically to address the high unemployment rate in the Black community?

The families of some missing women have approached police about the photos.

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Feb 26, 2016. Cruz Sugar Daddy Funds a Fake Black GOP Group. His favorite target, unsurprisingly, is President Obama, of whom Jackson says, “He is light skinned, has no connection with the Black community, Ivy League. But wait, isn't that exactly what Robert Mercer is paying him $400,000 to do in 2016?… continue reading »

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