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One of our current tasks is development of a more general algorithm of the robot reaction to a question or talking point of an interlocutor.The chatbot is also able to partially keep the conversation contest, that is, to follow the dialogue history to make it coherent.


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Administration: The chatbot should maintain (and save) a list of friends that have added the chatbot as a friend.

This body should include questions related to the short-term memory, for example, whether the person remembers, what he talked about yesterday, whether he/she is able to perform simple mathematical calculations, give a description or definition of certain concepts, etc.

Such questions, in our opinion, will help recognize possible deviations in early history) of an elderly person with the chatbot.

3) All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.


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Mini is the new generation chatbot platform built around the concept of decentralized network of template developers, clients, hosting providers and partners.Users of those clients will add the chatbot as a friend and then be able to receive messages from the chatbot.That chatbot will interface with an RSS feed URL which indicates whether there is a new message available to send to the chat clients.The lack of communication causes sullen, depressive mood.