Chris brown and keri hilson dating

14-Jul-2017 22:07

Learning to play guitar, she spend her time with fellow musician and friend Anthony Dent who had already worked in several musical bands.After she graduated from high school, she studied theatre and also got admitted to Oxford College of Emory University in Atlanta.

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She is also believed to have worked as a RJ in some part of her career.

Neither of the two have been reported to be in any other affairs or relationships and it doesn’t look like they are going to separate anytime soon.

Keri before meeting Samuel, was believed dating a guy with whom she had a child; a son named Jayden.

Contrary to rumors that hit the ‘net earlier this week, Keri Hilson says she and Chris Brown are not dating.

Dismissing early reports over a photo taken in Miami over the weekend and the two reportedly “grinding up against each other,” Hilson told fans on Twitter “We ain’t datin’.” “LMAO paps think they slick!! In related news, Keri Hilson is reportedly working on an as-yet-untitled sophomore album which is due for release later this year.

This might be due to the deposition of the yellow pigment called lipochrome in the iris (which is also found in green and violet eyes).