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22-Sep-2017 03:26

He said Mr Lee was 'a hard worker and a good guy' who 'loved and cared for' his community.'He was 100 per cent professional with us, 100 per cent supportive and seriously was considerate and concerned with aviation safety, so to hear that he's resigned is a huge loss of support for our efforts,' Mr Maurer said.

Now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo must call a special election to fill Mr Lee's seat.

The lawmaker's wife had been worried about his extended solo stays in Washington, and tried to get him to spend more time at home in Buffalo, another source said.'She picked a bad boy twice, which is a shame, because she's a smart woman without a mean bone in her body,' a friend said. Ms Callahan had searched the internet for him and, when she realised he was lying, had contacted the Gawker website.

'She's absolutely humiliated.'She was so proud of him and what he'd accomplished.'Mr Lee's dad Patrick, who is a wealthy businessman, had warned his son about his actions and was 'particularly enraged' over the 'sloppiness of the situation' and the photo of him posing semi-naked.'Patrick is mortified and pushed his son to resign immediately to curtail any extended embarrassment for the family,' the source said. In a follow-up interview earlier this week she said she was on a date last night when she learned, through Twitter, that Mr Lee had quit Congress.

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That afternoon, a man named Christopher Lee replied. (In fact, Lee is married and has one son with his wife. Yesha Callahan, 34, said she was shocked at how casual online flirtation with the 46-year-old triggered a national scandal this week.His wife Michele Lee, 44, has flown to Florida with him so they can 'work things out' at Key Largo's exclusive Ocean Reef Club in private, friends said.'He said: "End it quick."' Ms Callahan advised his wife last week to be tested for sexually-transmitted diseases, believing he could have been fooling around with other women. Ms Callahan said: 'I wouldn't have thought he'd resign, over a few pictures and a few emails.

Woman In Rep. Christopher Lee Sex Scandal Named. This undated photo provided by Gawker shows Rep. Chris Lee. photo of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist.… continue reading »

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Married Republican US Congressman Christopher Lee from New York is a lobbyist and a “fit, fun, classy” divorced man seeking women for fun, according to Craigslist.… continue reading »

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Yesha Callahan, 34, said she was shocked at how casual online flirtation with 46-year-old Christopher Lee triggered a national scandal this week.… continue reading »

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