Chronic disease dating dating game serial killer suspect

18-Feb-2017 13:16

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The people giving me advice online knew what they were talking about.

Right away, I knew things with Kaylyn were going to be different.

On a Friday night last summer, I stood in front of my bathroom mirror attempting to put on makeup.

My hands were shaking as I gripped the counter, and black spots weaved in and out of my vision.

I was no longer just Kelley and never would be again. These two major realizations in a short amount of time altered the way I approached dating.I’d known it deep in my heart for some time, but it was as though my POTS diagnosis had upheaved my life in a way that made me finally ready to accept another major change too.I don’t know which was a bigger adjustment—learning I had POTS or realizing I was bisexual.Kaylyn needed to see firsthand what it’s like to date someone with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

Oct 13, 2017. Having a chronic illness while dating was hard, but it made me raise my standards—and eventually helped me find love too.… continue reading »

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