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The triangular nib was now ”rescued” over to the new Classic fountain pen, although the double writeability actually had been abandoned on the Parker 180 in 1983, when the solid 14k gold nib was replaced with a gold plated stainless steel nib. The Classic was about 135 mm long when closed and 9.5 mm wide. The first Classic fountain pen designs in 1986 were: Gold Plated Millereaies design Matte black epoxy coated Stainless steel (Flighter) Laque Sapphire Laque Jade Laque Tourmaline ater in 1986 the Laque Thuya, a bandless wood grain model, was offered In 1988 the Laque finishes in Sapphire, Jade and Tourmaline were discontinued: Gold Plated Millereaies design Matte black epoxy coated Stainless steel (Flighter) Laque Thuya Matte Navy (not offered as a fountain pen) Matte Plum (not offered as a fountain pen) n 1989 a Matte black 22 k goldplated Classic Desk pen was added to the line.

y 1990 the Classic range was offered in: Gold Plated Milleraies ( a thousand lines in French) Gold Plated Grain d’Orange (barley grain) Gold Plated Perlé (straight lines with dots) Laque Thuya Matte black Flighter Sterling silver Cicelé (not offered as a fountain pen) y 1993 the Gold Plated Grain d’Orange and Gold Plated Perlé had been discontinued and the new Parker gold plating method, referred to as the Diamonite, an alloy of 50% gold and 50% titanium was offered on the trim of the Laquered Thuya, Sterling Silver, Flighter GT and Matte black models.

The first generation was a ballpoint pen and pencil, introduced in 1967, called the International Classic.

It was a slim, very well balanced pen, intended as a sort of a rich man’s Jotter.

The clip had a newly designed Parker Arrow clip, with the longitudinal arrow an integral part of the bottom of the ”feathers”, like an elongated Y.

n 1968, encouraged by the success of the Parker 75 Spanish treasure in 1966, Parker decided to make the Space Pen, an International Classic limited edition pen that had the push button made with metal from Friendship 7, piloted by John Glenn, the first american to orbit the earth in 1962.

The pens were made to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of NASA.

The Classic in 1993: Gold Plated Milleraies Laque Thuya Matte black Flighter GT Flighter CT (not offered as a fountain pen) Sterling silver Cicelé (not offered as a fountain pen) According to Jim Mahmoulian the Classic surfaced again as a ballpoint and pencils in the 2001 catalogue. This could however be discreapancies between the US and European markets.© 1995-2017 Tony Fischier and The Parker Pen Company®/Sanford Ecriture.

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This page is in no way sponsored by or created by the Parker Pen Company®.Ball pens were beginning to be really in vogue and Parker needed a pen that could both capture the high end ball pen market and function as a companion to the top line fountain pens.Parker decided to give the new ball pen a modename of it’s own and there were no fountain pens produced in the International Classic line. The first date codes, found for example on the Vacumatics, consists of two digits, the first one denoting the quarter of production, the second denoting the production year.

Gibson Brands Forums How do the Les Paul Classic serial numbers work. The Classic I'm "dating" has the "greeny/yellow" fret-markers with 1960 on the pick-guard.… continue reading »

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