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23-Dec-2017 01:51

Please note that the you can boot up Any computer, fix & install Windows easy with a boot disc especially made for this error.Of course you can try everything listed below first as you might get lucky! 🙂 There are many possible causes when your computer boots to black screen and I will try to mention as many as possible.When you enter Safe mode you should then shut your computer down correctly. To adjust your power saving sleep mode go to the control panel, then choose the power options icon.Did you leave a USB flash drive connected to your computer or maybe an external hard drive?If this happens and you have either Windows Vista or Windows seven, your first port of call would be to insert the operating system disc.

Here’s how to get into your bios and change settings.

It is not a black screen with a movable mouse cursor on the screen it is a black screen with a flashing cursor that has not entered Windows yet.

If this error does not suit your symptoms please see “My computer has a “Computer black screen” for more information.

Below in the comment section one person had a card inserted into a printer and the computer was trying to boot to that so you really need to look outside the box for this step.

Another cause could be that you have a faulty device such as a DVD drive or CD drive.If you disconnect the faulty DVD drive your computer can start without errors.People are often aware of a faulty DVD drive because you might have had previous problems removing discs or opening the contents of a disc.Years ago I had a computer that was hit and miss when starting up.

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