Computer dating networking

24-Dec-2017 06:07

On this network segment, all computers can communicate directly with each other.

Huge number of ties technologically possible, but average number is limited, e.g., Facebook: 395 (Tong et al.

A hub is a rectangular box, often made of plastic, that receives its power from an ordinary wall outlet.

A hub joins multiple computers (or other network devices) together to form a single network segment.

Hubs can be connected to each other to expand the total number of devices a hub network can support.

Older Ethernet hubs were relatively large in size and sometimes noisy as they contained built-in fans for cooling the unit.A study reveals that India recorded world's largest growth in terms of social media users in 2013.Furthermore, the idea that these services are defined by their ability to bring people together provides too broad a definition.Although hubs comparable functionality, nearly all mainstream Ethernet network equipment today utilizes network switch technology instead, due to the performance benefits of switches.

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