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He drew for the Smithsonian: I am not yet quite certain about the identity of the Smithsonian official who gave the initial assessment for their "Mr. Maybe I will decipher it later, or else contact Smithsonian about it. S." which appears to have been initials for the name."L.S." pinpointed what has alwaysbeen a substantial interpretation problem: The second and eighth (as they had been presented) runes --from left to right-- are from a different runic alphabet. S.should have been presented with nine runes, but C. Kemmerer, like many to follow him, overlooked the short stroke perpendicular runic "S" that is next to right hand side of the runic "M," as I later picture, illustrate, and dsicuss.

--So most of relatively few who viewed the monumental boulder, till time of C. Kemmerer, marveled somewhat at it, but dismisssed it as an Indian oddity not now decipherable. On another sheet Kemmerer drew the Runes as he saw them, not noticing in lichen filled grooves chisel marks that indeed are present, and not noticing fine-lined, highly eroded, heavily-lichen-covered, peripheral engravings to which I will direct attention.

Below: Yet Another View, During Fall, When Gloria Farley's Beautiful Maple Tree Was Showing Well.

The Runestone Monument is nestled in a rocky ravine in the upper area of this Photo, near where the visible roadway reaches the skyline.

I believe that the Rune Writer made that short stroke "S" to enable more than one message within the inscription.

If one neglects it, one reading is as above: "Gjome's Date" (Or, "Valley," if the last rune is taken as an "L," as mentioned by others.).

." Back to such as that later, but before leaving what "L.