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15-Nov-2017 05:46

Even if there are many administrators who make more than the Governor, they will not be the only layoffs to occur as a result of consolidation.The economic impact to local communities from this lost revenue is another blow to economies already hard hit.Henry Mc Master had vetoed, the House and Senate quietly overrode the governor’s veto of that bill to turn Orangeburg County’s three school districts into one.If you’re into drama, you could say that regardless of how the criminal case against Rep. Cobb-Hunter has emerged as the clear winner, since she was the one who wanted the merger.Parental involvement is much greater for smaller schools than for larger schools.This factor is picked up on by children who value education higher when they see their parents taking a personal interest in it.

Many communities will fight to maintain local control over their schools, and will resent any effort to remove or weaken their influence on their children’s education.

The Governor’s office notes that the incentive model has been tried in the past with only limited success, presumably leaving the state with forced consolidation as the primary method.

There are several considerations with the school consolidation issue that do not seem to have gotten the attention of the decision makers, or perhaps they would just rather not talk about them.

The attendance rates of smaller schools are higher than the larger schools, attesting to the sense of community felt by students of the smaller schools.

Many studies have attested to the negative impact of poverty on educational prospects of students.Neither is improving course offerings, and making it easier to get the right sorts of specialists into every district — although those are benefits.The main reason to consolidate districts is to increase the talent pool for school board members and top administrators.This painstakingly slow, district-by-district progress is how we’ve cut the total from 85 a decade ago. And 108 two decades before The upside of this painstakingly slow process is that consolidations have had strong public and political support (otherwise, they wouldn’t happen), albeit with some holdouts. This spring, the state Education Department concluded that the 32 poor, rural school districts that sued the state in 1993 for more support could save between million and million a year if they simply worked together to cut administrative and transportation costs. Mergers would also get rid of duplicative school superintendents and school boards.

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