Contemporary dating rules

18-Mar-2017 07:45

It's no secret that the rules of romance have been revolutionised and many are turning to technology to find their life partner.With various apps and social media platforms, dating in the digital age can often be a minefield.And although there are some boundaries that shouldn't be broken, more than two-thirds of young singles think it is acceptable to use your mobile phone when on a date and nearly a third of people would snap a selfie with a date.It seems showing your date photos on your phone is fine too with nearly half of single Australians admitting that they are okay with it.If there is someone you are interested in, make the move.

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When it comes to dating, taboos hardly exist anymore.Pick up these modern dating rules to get the lowdown on how to master the game. There are more ways than one to get connected Call it the digital age of dating but there are now more ways to meet potentials than just relying on friends to set you up or a chance meeting in a coffee place.Thanks to online dating websites and social media platforms like Facebook, you have a bigger pool to connect with the opposite sex.The survey also revealed that 85 per cent of people believe it is appropriate to check out a prospective date’s social channels, while 80 per cent are likely to browse their date's social media before going.

Less than half of respondents check out a date afterwards and 66 per cent prefer a group date because it's considered a relaxed environment and less likely to lead to an awkward silence.Exclusivity may not be what it is, and don’t get us started on the whole friends with benefit issue.So what’s a smart girl to do when it comes to dating?More than 60 per cent of those surveyed believe group dates are also better because by meeting your date through friends, you could meet people with similar interests.

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