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27-Apr-2017 00:36

What’s even more alarming, almost 28% of teens say that they’ve sent inappropriate pictures of themselves to someone via their smartphone.

Do you have any idea about what’s on your teen’s mobile phone?

The data can easily be transferred from the app to a computer, thus giving the receiver possibilities to recover the images.

See also: The anonymous community enables its members to share posts and status updates without revealing their identity.

Users log in with a phone number, Facebook account, or Instagram account.

March 10, 2015 Teens today can’t go a day without using their personal devices.

Privacy issues abound as users have no control over who views their broadcasts, and all their clicks and interactions as a viewer could be collected or shared.

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Tinder also features a rating system, enabling members to give a grade to the profiles of others.Nearly 77% of the teens aged 12 to 17 own a smartphone, a report called Generation Smartphone: A Guide for Parents of Tweens and Teens suggests.According to the report, 63% of teens say that they use instant messaging and chat apps on a daily basis.Also, a live quiz show called Quiz Biz allows users to answer questions and potentially win real money.

Users log in with a phone number, Facebook account, or Instagram account. " /Violent content is prohibited, but the terms of service do not specify what is considered violent content.This functionality, though it may boost self-confidence for some people, could also become associated with cyber-bullying.Tinder installed on kids’ mobile phones also makes it easy for adults to get in touch with these young individuals.No violence was observed during the review period, and there's no violence within the app's content itself.