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23-Aug-2017 11:10

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The DV victimization items are restricted to the past 12 months, but many respondents may have much longer histories of physical and/or sexual abuse.The authors note that the relationship is likely to be bidirectional: NMUPD may increase vulnerability to violence victimization, and such victimization may increase the likelihood of maladaptive coping strategies, including substance abuse.Because NMUPD is likely to co-occur with other drug use, other substances (ie, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and other illicit drugs) were added to the adjusted models; the prevalence ratios remained significant for the most part, albeit with smaller point estimates, suggesting some unique ways in which NMUPD may be related to violence victimization.Because the study was cross-sectional, it was not possible to make causal inferences in the analyses.Particularly challenging is that the NMUPD measure asks about lifetime use only (not past year use), precluding examination of temporal associations.

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Given our national focus on the opioid epidemic, studies on associations of NMUPD with other health risk exposures among adolescents, such as DV victimization, are timely.

Because sexual minority youth have a higher prevalence of violence victimization as well as substance use, sexual minority status may be relevant.

Cyber Dating Abuse Among Teens Using School-Based Health Centers by Sexual Minority Status in Relationship Abuse and Sexual and Reproductive Health. An entertaining video dramatizing this story, and connecting it to modern life and the current global sleep epidemic, would increase attention on the issue and.… continue reading »

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