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05-Apr-2017 03:13

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The four-minute video (available to watch here) was posted on the video-sharing website on Tuesday from Hamid Parast in a bid to highlight cyclists disobeying the law.

Mr Parast, who works in the centre of Bristol but lives outside the city, decided to make the video after he claimed a cyclist scratched his car and broke his wing mirror when the rider tried to get between his car and a bus. In the video there are 13 clips, in one of which Mr Parast bemoans about a cyclist not riding on a cycle lane – despite there being no cycle lane on the particular road.

“Three wheelers have been really popular this year,” he adds.

Additionally, 47-year-old Mr Parast laments how cyclists, in contrast to car drivers, do not pay road-tax (which does not exist), do not have to be insured, don’t have to wear helmets or a hi-viz jacket, as well as not needing to pay MOT or have a ID number.

If this sounds perfect to you, then you must head to the Bristol Cycle Festival.