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10-Apr-2017 16:59

I should not be worth the amount I am while people live on the streets.” On gender: “I don’t relate to what people have made men and women into.I know I’m more extreme and badass than most guys, but that doesn’t make me a boy.I basically become a counselor that they enjoy fricking. A position of control and dominance, but also one that serves to please and protect. Just without the pseudo-incestual trappings The rule is divide by 2 add 7. I will admit, older men can be fun to date, especially...It's not terrible but it gets old having to do every bit of thinking. (yeah this is starting to sound like daddy issues but whatever) if they're experienced sexually, then that's always nice.I hated a guy who only said those words to me when we got to debating issues.’s not something I force but it is kind of my thing.He always said that to me and when he knew i was getting pissed about how he was talking to me, he'd back down and try to change the subject to something else or even just randomly compliment me as if I'd forget the previous conversation. (Although if it comes in another language, no problem.) I like to be in control. I typically step into the leadership positions in a group setting when things need to get done unless there’s someone else already competently at the “helm” so to speak. And so when a woman falls into a role of me being in control and there is mutual attraction, I tend to embrace it. I just happen to like a woman that desires to be dominated in the bedroom and told what to do in the day to day.

You wouldn't sound like a dad to a more independent type because she wouldn't give you that opportunity to be so dominant. And I guess I am attracted to women that are attracted to that control.

I have been 'dad' in almost every relationship I've ever been in. My best and most fulfilling relationship was with a 40 yr old though. No, the point is about women in their early twenties because that's when you're in college and dating and experimenting and finding out what you like.

I somehow seem to draw the ones with father issues. An older woman most likely had her own career and money and still would have her issues but less of the whole wanting to experiment and take direction and advice from a man because she's been independent for some time.

I've always been aware of that particular arrangement.

Those three qualities, intelligence, competence, and self-assurance are difficult to find with a woman who's willing to put up with anyone's bs. I'd never say she doesn't exist, but it'll be very difficult to find in a younger woman in early twenties who wasn't using you for your money.

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