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Today I hope you all are filled with as much love as I have in my heart.” Donato and Briones started dating after meeting on the set of Season 13. Our little spotted baby comes home,” Donato wrote at the time.The couple married in January 2013, and welcomed a “little spotted baby” — their dalmatian puppy, Kenya — in December. “Everyone welcome Kenya as the newest member of our little family.Metta World Peace's Best Friend in the Celebrity Big Brother House Is a Stuffed Animal Owl"Truth be told, I really didn't like him at first," Donato, who is the daughter of Big Brother legend "Evel Dick" Donato, told People. But we became friends, and although I didn't like him like that, it just grew."Check out the adorable Instagram post below. Hoping this year everyone's hearts are as full as mine and @dominic.phillip 's hearts .. \n\ni don't care about your feelings i only care about my feelings (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) \n","title":"password: also allison","likes":true,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":false,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":true,"can_send_messages":true,"uuid":"madisonmontgomerylives-blog.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":true,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"L3YFSBnm","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"54800270692","tumblelog-name":"madisonmontgomerylives-blog","reblog-key":"L3YFSBnm","direct-video":"","is-animated":false,"serve-id":"f60420e0363ef317a445929d4ba5a0bb","is-pinned":false,"can_reply":false,"pt":"0t6Nex Bvm Riw8j JE0Bjzn01JF//3A2Zfk0Hd EI4Me L0jt1g N/Eh6Nqdwgqe Ebuie Ay EPi Ya Xn SY39B01j21g Sxlaa7O4x Jdy VNESe Xc WI3b8Sdf OMh WAa05lq3j Sv Mw88agv T3Ropa IEKWsm Yf9VDdi FAJ4kq7Yf Ocm/Ud2g XGs IL5u Pr Dq K2 Lji HRIY8z Z/4JAxuxyl4MWn YAKUir WY97b UL5Nqi D8l HLz Hu Ml51ule MI4FCG1vj6NXh2Y/f127Jl2Ra8ko E8R0j AUz XPcf JTYo Yui5TCo/n EYp JA0 Kdhmx YCAt Zi6loq3JDOJi R0Rmgul Tp Usw Q9xmnnl Eq KVi Jc Y56JL2Sh YWJqw LUwh6x0 Kj FUr8vc5Dw5w Mnlgx Qt Hs D/Fk 3Qpx JQa0XHot95Xd TGJ1Ow Mpb0Y5N9g Eca YQOXCrqyce ZBc8s Px Tm G4W e3Mvye4h N3m FFge AXOXcco HYRs Ti Ucr KXVRS4Rf Y/QG/Zfr X6baa7Qn91REI/NQDj C1xcxe2Rnf4dz/25P9y T0LYjg Qe1Stpc WO3Ca Nhhn Gaur A50g Iy FHz Ickx Yk","log-index":"2"}' id="post_54800270692" data-id="54800270692" data-tumblelog="madisonmontgomerylives-blog" style="width: 201px; height: 260px;" hi das my hub hub rite derrr ^","title":"","likes":true,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":false,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":true,"can_send_messages":true,"uuid":"bibibibibibibibibi-blog.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":true,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"R7RXxn U0","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"8812468617","tumblelog-name":"bibibibibibibibibi-blog","reblog-key":"R7RXxn U0","direct-video":"","is-animated":false,"serve-id":"be87356f3533d02f1d285d187aa41a58","is-pinned":false,"can_reply":false,"pt":"d5o Ayopu H9WWq ML2/ac6v Mlr GKji9i4/BVIv Hwy WY5Ua SH/0m B2ICmyx F6m Aw9EDaa3BCUjn Ee15SGbecsw CJmmauuz Nyiy/Mu4AHVg N8SIUSz Ndha Zk KK6wi0hd XUe8Xb JOPJ31m Tl Vsk Il Ut X6i G75cub L8Yy SW lfl Tf9Yh Stb C0Gs2Crfx4YLbw/1DCRjv Yps Xvc/E97l50o7vn I7yp3p Zd Whmae CTdx/9p H ndce57x403HOo Ge Ev2F GRt W65lcjhx NY2Yl Th Hlsp Ypw Ie Qly IJW3rq Lb9ka To LRwjc Bcq4v IBHh N96Qee Y3F39k K78Bk5g Pfqs JF30XJWz0w VQTpee KErnl Q7a Aw U8vnx OBnb PORe Tb Xq Ci E9Hly F/RJZz T 0/EW/e Zfy EU3Zev LVsx081Kq Jsw Ku Jv0zx XRi Cwf M3w4R94T7O7DNQCcd WH/ P6Y8By/QSCC6BMv Dt1USq Ppgpp3i EHk SJm Ik Ozr L51XQluue4w MIZm HMm BO8z3gom Rh Kx MHt SWwe Adk Ssfs 0R3j Ben E4Atg Rz7Xg Ndh Xe Swi PWs Qt QAGcwfa OU","log-index":"2"}' id="post_8812468617" data-id="8812468617" data-tumblelog="bibibibibibibibibi-blog" style="width: 277px; height: 260px;"All things pertaining to Big Brother will be posted here!contestants had relations with Trump when he was hosting the NBC series, saying, “He seemed to like you so much, I was just wondering,” to which Manigault replied, “God, no! However, a few days later on the February 12 episode, she had a different outlook, remarking, “Everybody’s that wishing for impeachment, might want to reconsider their life.I’m just ratings gold.”Manigault, who appeared on the first season of under Trump in 2004, went on to work as the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison at the White House in January 2017. The famous reality TV villain has been making waves ever since she stepped into the Big Brother house. I'll disappear when BB ends and come back when it begins. Maybe a lot obsessed.\n\n[I make everything I post, unless it is tagged \"reblog\".] WARNING: This is NOT a spoiler-free zone.","title":"cruddy's got a chubby","likes":true,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":false,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":true,"can_send_messages":true,"uuid":"floatersbettergrabalifevest-blog.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":true,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"pwkfzq22","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"8117403169","tumblelog-name":"floatersbettergrabalifevest-blog","reblog-key":"pwkfzq22","direct-video":"","is-animated":false,"serve-id":"a57948fed628681c824f9a008a26219b","is-pinned":false,"can_reply":false,"pt":"Xq4c2qt Ep9Pa4r77BIp1t6fef1c/Jd OAH/b Eph Osjr FP8R9V7s UPSq Pk6 I8sv8a74pyhv Qg PQih DUA9a Ud Gapk Src Ju BMI9Pa La0 Ltrxspw CYFeq Aa Ic QOWOj5r Yhgnz Ihd Und HOh PRsy Ab Z/q AOah NGOZ1Oq IJs JI2Ag6 DMzs213G7Yn P/Wyd B09S5ktr XPSLOa IX7WKunzy STo As I8ONq DPr782 HEm4u FBs en JGy Nn Xn C0f2as EKSTfkj Rqe W75 NDPs35UVk Kip8j5Lgn8DMQ0XAc0j HPdk XPEg TI43fgpe Zeuup Lgt UC7FMas Fzd5RX/CKl OCHjwmb QI7Fm3r Rohz28C62i Eaug2GCdy1p2r Yn/w YX45xkj SM0r5Hf Qb O6Qyqjo NGQc CWKq011Babig QDfo GB0bxx QXIz Tv YIq SVn B1/ZK3m RO54yey7Z9L5Jyg Zly TWa Z8SOZPHy DTDIhbdb Gj3NCmq U8XAMnl Hc Vh FIvjk Bcms/a Ijqap1y Mh N A5F0xac JDIyp3F6tdj8v GNeu4m OVj Om N3Ym Pr2X0IAAyhr8Yjba Au7Nu","log-index":"2"}' id="post_8117403169" data-id="8117403169" data-tumblelog="floatersbettergrabalifevest-blog" style="width: 292px; height: 260px;" this is a secondary blog so i follow back on my personal","title":"","likes":false,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":false,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":true,"can_send_messages":true,"uuid":"juliechenbots.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":true,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"Cu QSq5TT","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"60004903239","tumblelog-name":"juliechenbots","reblog-key":"Cu QSq5TT","direct-video":"","is-animated":false,"serve-id":"2e678941fdc6516c3892219ae6197869","is-pinned":false,"can_reply":false,"pt":"GHJjp Ro X51V09UCbb Bb W5qd WHtt6RKXD5n9BHmnku MBUQAVa M/m55F1ux VH 3GMEOu SF8Jc NNJe YUHALK4q EQYu4SLPJe C3pp Mfjt SJM01Xgt Hk Kcl1XB8/1s HXe PHWUVDw Dt Gq476o Zr OI4j Jw NUn HSRAFJ53Sgr E5Ab1Fjk Ms S0 Omh TVH4o ZZeg3PLvpv/u Ezdw7mth Yr Gj Bxu QUsk KTb3Xnr6IWr7Yyh1gj TW5bc8TXNSRo LLZkg O9De6oq MI6Yngp Yivfuq St0Ip1Bdwtsb Co Bo6TFen Qlx3an Tc DRju FEWHjo4DEao Sjs/Tb UF2SLae Qjfhxd M16kuz Qfh Swig Vu Xm ABS9i Pekl Cq HQYx Y71AKsr66pj Rw0EMf AJPFu6Oc Smd KUa QUv9v Sf UGLadps Al7fh0g QBz T3Cf P0z XOD7VPgevgjyac EBTgvz/3g N Cr Mp OLVIYj4B4Dp Csaf JKms/2itge Pq Os KJd4ka KQaz W0Hr ZICLr ARl7DHt Vkh LQdnb UT1Ju N D5E6Ja N3cj ML5He F9QO54ge TCwh N2r5P4Sr Bl3jfxl u Yy0Be D","log-index":"2"}' id="post_60004903239" data-id="60004903239" data-tumblelog="juliechenbots" style="width: 287px; height: 260px;"\n Abouts/Interests

We're back at you with another pretty big story in regards to one of the former houseguests. For those of you who might not recall who she is, she's the super Cross Fit athlete that finished in 3rd place during season 19 by riding houseguest Paul Abrahamian's coat tails the entire time.The couple met while filming CBS's Big Brother 13 in the summer of 2011.She was a returning contestant; he, a newbie."Truth be told, I really didn't like him at first," she says with a laugh. But we became friends, and although I didn't like him like that, it just grew."She adds, "After the finale, we became inseparable.“Hoping this year everyone’s hearts are as full as mine and @dominic.philip’s hearts.. “Baby Briones coming this August.” Briones shared the same picture and a sweet message on his own account. “First God blesses me with @its_danibri who I clearly don’t deserve.

Now I’m blessed again with #Baby Briones on the way.

\n\n\n Renegade(s)\n","title":"DAN' S MIST","likes":false,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":false,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":true,"can_send_messages":true,"uuid":"dansmist.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":true,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"6GBGXwe6","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"59793184270","tumblelog-name":"dansmist","reblog-key":"6GBGXwe6","direct-video":"","is-animated":true,"serve-id":"db4e81475c7f5a414aeb4421b3d2e10b","is-pinned":false,"photoset_photos":[,],"can_reply":false,"pt":"uc Cgm Kihe Ev Q54dr SETLMd Y6Ss Gb6E5d Rdq Ssrb Xf696x MMis Y4Ondd ZGg Cji3w HEl KHUVDcnsi Pq/c2oc HJb ZQQ9m Ut GKfc ZAS27PIn G5DWb2T/m9Na SOYFH8Vo Zsoht/nx Zbn Yzpqlj0a NAl Eh Tmt U5Xq9/70/jy24T15Y6d2m Vu XFAcrw M893dw30R8kha Ka D11K647LOtf1Nk NZ6YRYURr Bd GCk C32Gx Gd YC96x Ye NSyl6QYb42x U0cgpm9TOg RXd9RUu8r OJXv5q FIGu0yc B1Ja G f Q398k IUlf RPUd ZQvjhxh LF1ed4b0A0Lp BQe MUg BHRSYLGho5G0fo R07jb Jdr JPKId Np2Ak Sl Dtvr WL4DGCNin Xu A9kvt34e59c Ugy XGh s UN h7h V8z4WO ux Fj Xr Cy Gs9ds Zzob XO6Kc Di Xi QEa DCBZ0Ud LVW7Cqw6Pn7g T5Ic Ib12d542CTcly V4 Op3s INul G 0Akam Yk0g FYw WNGv A8/8CMo BBC3a X30b PMZOqy6FDk2/0q4Ad LNh Ouod Mk0IX7Jijd8Jmw AC4l Mh V9sa GVt Yjzj/DE4k","log-index":"2"}' id="post_59793184270" data-id="59793184270" data-tumblelog="dansmist" style="width: 300px; height: 260px;"\n\n\n This is my annual Big Brother blog - and that is all that will be posted.

March 2018. Daniele Donato and Nick Starcevic photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.… continue reading »

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