Darkwave gothic and dating

01-Jul-2017 12:53

Donnacha , (UTC) In beginning of this article, I was talking about what appears to be the earliest usage of "Darkwave" to describe some German bands.

The bands that seem to be most commonly cited are the two that I listed as most commonly cited: Das Ich and Project Pitchfork.

The belgian band The Breath of Life is a interesting mixture of gothic rock and guitar wave.

Rabauz , (UTC) Okay, my stab was "a form of synthesizer based gothic rock".


Since I wrote this, a list of band names has sprouted between those two names.though I'm afraid that it just makes me think that "darkwave" is and always was a euphemism for "gothic" by people who find the term gothic embarassing for some reason.I mean, Switchblade Symphony, from my neck of the woods, was appearing on gothic-industrial comps in the early 90s and none of us thought they were deserving of a new genre name... -- Doom , Dec 4, 2004 (UTC) Another view from DE: it is always complicated to reconstruct the development of styles and subcultures.I'm surprised Attrition haven't been mentioned yet, as they are probably the main band associated with Darkwave as a genre rather than a general term. I did the interview), they were somewhere between the early 80s scenes (Goff, synthpop) and industrial and it wasn't until the term Darkwave came about that there was something that included them.