Darkwave gothic and dating

01-Jul-2017 12:53

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(By the way: I take it that "wave" is a european shortening of the old brit/american term "new wave", tell me if that's wrong.) So what should the article say, a "form of synthesizer based rock music, something like gothic rock or new wave"?-- Doom , Dec 4, 2004 (UTC)I've added some bits that clarify things a little.The belgian band The Breath of Life is a interesting mixture of gothic rock and guitar wave.

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I mean, Switchblade Symphony, from my neck of the woods, was appearing on gothic-industrial comps in the early 90s and none of us thought they were deserving of a new genre name... -- Doom , Dec 4, 2004 (UTC) Another view from DE: it is always complicated to reconstruct the development of styles and subcultures.

As for me, I'm not trying to diss your genre, I'm trying to describe all the meanings of "darkwave" that I think I've seen in use.

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