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06-Sep-2017 07:11

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The remaining ones will only do a few sessions at most. What is frightening is: narcissists are extremely emotionally insecure (despite the outer charisma) and seek love partners frenetically.

I estimate that up to 16% of society is severely narcissistic. Most narcissists are very successful in hookingrelationships.

A narcissist feels at the thought of vulnerability (being emotionally honest), and develops a pathological false self to guard the unresolved emotional wounds.

The narcissist and many other individuals haven't realised that establishing healthy boundary function and living truthfully in self-honouring ways keeps us safe, .

Prevention, disconnection and recovery require becoming very clear about what narcissism is.

All young people should be educated before dating to become empowered and aware enough to avoid highly damaging narcissistic relationships.

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I am astounded by how many people exist who are in (or have had) relationships with individuals who are atypically narcissistic.Psychologists state that 1% of the population is diagnosed with NPD, and that 75% of the cases in therapy are men.This 1% statistic is gathered only from individuals diagnosed in therapy.I believe any individual who is not comfortable within their own skin - therefore disconnected from their 'inner peace' - can develop narcissistic characteristics.