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17-Feb-2018 20:14

Within the following 24 hours, Elite Speed Dating will send you your Dating Feedback, Request Rating, and your Matches' contact details so that you can take it to the next level on your own schedule.

In addition to all your dates, drink specials, the private booth and receiving all your matches, you'll avoid the line-up and be on Elite Speed Dating’s guest list for the rest of the night.

Your invitation includes: • 6-10 dates• Drink specials• Email with Matches, Dating Feedback and Request Rating within 24 hours Rules: You are not allowed to give your full name, contact details, or any personal information that can be used to identify you during the event. If someone asks you for your full name or contact details, you should politely decline.

Asking your date’s last name could lead to uncomfortable situations that should be avoided at all times.

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But if skiing amongst screaming infants isn’t romantic enough for you, Les Amis de la Montagne also puts on a special guided snowshoeing walk every Friday night (and it’s in English! Prepare to enjoy a free glass of (spikeable) hot chocolate and the best view of the city’s sparkling lights.Sit down on fur-covered wooden benches, sip on special cocktails expertly prepared by the school’s food lab team, and show your date that you can think outside the box -- literally. You can play a tried-and-true game of Carcassonne, or challenge your date to try out one of the pub’s hundreds of board games.Also, some scientists are beginning to say that booze make fools of themselves, Montreal Improv has got something for everyone.If there is no Match, then the contact details shall remain private.