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Though a recurring character, in a sense, most of the Hatter's roles in the show were brief and minor.

However, he played his largest role as a major supporting character in the episode "In the Bag".

The Disney movie suggested the reason for the many cups was that every day was an "Unbirthday", when in fact in the books, it was because the Mad Hatter had argued with his friend Time, and it was now always six o'clock, time for tea.

Later on, the Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse are brought the Queen of Heart's courtroom when Alice is put on trial for supposedly humiliating Her Majesty purposely.

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They are singing "The Unbirthday Song" but are interrupted when Alice starts to applaud.

Soon the party is once again interrupted by the White Rabbit.

Alice tries to converse with him, but the Mad Hatter grabs a hold of the Rabbit's watch and finds out why he's so late: the watch is "two days slow." The Mad Hatter dips the watch in tea and opens up to discover - with a salt container as a lens - the problem: the watch is full of wheels.

The March Hare uses a mallet to crush the "mad watch," bringing tears to the Rabbit.

After hearing that the watch was an unbirthday present, the Mad Hatter and March Hare wish him a "very merry unbirthday" and get him on the run.

This could be seen when the Mad Hatter made an attempt to "fix" the White Rabbit's watch.