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09-Dec-2017 09:16

Be a bit careful with this option, profiles can be really pretty and real :)You can add or delete pictures by simply going to your profile and clicking the “camera” icon on your profile picture.

To change the picture order, hold your finger on the picture for two seconds and drag to desired place.

The higher the ‘Match Quality’, the better our Matchmakers’ idea of your perfect match.

The profiles seen here are genuine Once users, but not necessarily located within your matching radius.

Matches of the Day are chosen by our team of Matchmakers.

They focus on the active users (last online maximum 48 hours ago) and use all available profile information from each user to provide the best matches possible. However, sometimes no one is available near your location or no one is active on a particular day.

While this may be surprising at first, we have received many long-distance success stories!Normally, we make sure you have at least one language in common with all your matches.You can sometimes be matched with foreigner people discovering your country or, if you live close to a border, be matched with users from this country.If your lucky partner ‘likes’ you back within 24 hours, you will be able to chat with them unlimitedly, free of charge.

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For the passionate Casanovas amongst us, we implemented the ‘Crown’ functions to enable the real lovers to win over even more hearts. By rating profiles, you improve your ‘Match Quality’.If you and your daily match like each other’s profiles, a free chat screen will open.You will have the option to chat with them for as long and for how many days you want.Please understand our Matchmakers aim to propose the perfect match, one that delights both parties.