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09-Dec-2017 09:16

Once provides up to four free matches, selected by a Matchmaker every day.You will have 24 hours of their attention and they will have yours.

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While this may be surprising at first, we have received many long-distance success stories!If you choose to deactivate your account, it is taken “out of the dating game”, meaning you will not be introduced to new people and no one will see your profile. We hope you come back soon, and when you do you’ll find everything exactly as you left it, your connections are not deleted, unless they got bored your inactivity ended the match themselves.If you want to delete your account permanently, send us a message with your phone number, email, or Facebook email so that we can find your profile.You may notice that your Match Quality drops occasionally, this happens when you pass up on one of your daily proposed matches, thus letting us know that we can still get to know your preferences better.