Dating design patterns pdf

27-Mar-2017 04:47

Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful wife Ellie, for all of her support while I was putting together this publication.

Similar to Stoyan Stefanov's logical approach to preventing interruption of the narrative with credits (in ), I have listed credits and suggested reading for any content covered in the references section.This book is targeted at professional developers wishing to improve their knowledge of design patterns and how they can be applied to the Java Script programming language.Some of the concepts covered (closures, prototypal inheritance) will assume a level of basic prior knowledge and understanding.This was published back in 1977 in a paper titled "A Pattern Language", which was later released as a complete hardcover book.

Some 30 years ago, software engineers began to incorporate the principles Alexander had written about into the first documentation about design patterns, which was to be a guide for novice developers looking to improve their coding skills.

If you find yourself needing to read further about these topics, a list of suggested titles is provided for convenience.