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02-Jun-2017 22:51

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Please update your profiles in your account so everyone can see your information.We added fun new topics such as favorite TV shows, foods, and to let them know if you are looking for dates or friends.Kate Middleton was rated as less attractive than Kylie Jenner, and rated at just 'OK'.Pippa Middleton beat her on this account, getting rated 'Hot'.We again seeking to increase the quality level of all of our pictures on our site. We are starting the process of deleting low quality pictures from the site.Please add larger clearer pictures to your account if you have small blury pictures.It sadly could not detect a face in any of the photos of myself that I uploaded - either I am too beautiful for the application to cope, or it can't detect a face in pictures where the user is in a group or not facing the camera head-on.The app was kind about Nigella Lawson's age, estimating the 56-year-old to be 34. The app estimated the 18-year-old to be 20 and gave her the highest rating possible.

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We are consistantly adding new features to the site, and will be adding serveral more over the next few months.

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