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The transcripts--read with an open mind and a practical knowledge of decision-making at the highest levels of the private sector of government--make the case for the President's actions. Not simply and unequivocally right, perhaps, but right in context and right on balance.The president responded to emerging internal crisis in the manner of any man at the pinnacle of leadership. It is life in government and politics, life in industry and business--and, yes, life in the editorial offices of every newspaper. Of course, the reality of the transcripts grates against the revered American ideal of the presidency.The salty language, the exploration of alternatives that took place in the Oval Office of the White House may be shocking to some but certainly not to those who have known the men who have occupied the office of President.

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However the vast wealth in the top European leagues does not allow the clubs to compete effectively with other major European sides, the total prize money for winning the Scottish league is around £2M pounds and to put this into perspective the club relegated from the English Premier League receives in the region of £100M.

Celtic resumed the Scottish domestic season only on 20 round Scottish cup home tie against lower league Brechin City 5-0.

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