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It is not the case at the White House, nor in the corporate suites of Manhattan, nor even in the editorial offices on Michigan Avenue.The president lives in the real world of tough, practical decisions that affect the future of every American--the survival of a nation, the existence of life on this planet.Today Celtic are very much the dominant side in Scotland, currently going for our sixth championship in a row.However the vast wealth in the top European leagues does not allow the clubs to compete effectively with other major European sides, the total prize money for winning the Scottish league is around £2M pounds and to put this into perspective the club relegated from the English Premier League receives in the region of £100M.

He is the electoral survivor of a process unique and uniquely successful among world governments--a process designed to place at the head of this great nation a man of the people--one who knows and shares everyday problems of all Americans, yet has the qualities of leadership to meet the complex challenges of world problems.The salty language, the exploration of alternatives that took place in the Oval Office of the White House may be shocking to some but certainly not to those who have known the men who have occupied the office of President.The Chicago Tribune editors know well that every presidential word and phrase is not to be etched in marble.The forthcoming tie in the Europa League will be anticipated by the Celtic supporters, not necessarily as a match that Celtic would expect to win, but more as an opportunity to compete with a club who are more than capable of beating Scotland’s most successful football club.