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16-Jan-2018 20:38

So having better medicine actually prolongs wars helping racketeers and hinders public revolt against it, just as the M16's tiny 5.56mm rationale that it would take 3 enemy Soldiers out of the fight by requiring them to care for a wounded man rather than bury a dead comrade.

Iraq is GWB's version of 5.56mm-ing the American people to death.

These decisions are made, not on the basis of sound military policy, but purely to further the political and personal ambition of officers in high command. Cowardice in the military planning room is repugnant.

It ultimately means the unnecessary death, mutilation, and disfigurement of Soldiers for the sake of the commanders.

It must be removed with the sharpest bayonet available.THE POINT HERE IS THAT YOUNG NARCISSISTIC EGOMANIAC SOLDIERS ARE THE WRONG PEOPLE TO SEND TO OCCUPY OTHER COUNTRIES AND OPERATING FROM GRANDIOSE FOBS WITH PRESENCE PATROLS ON FOOT AND IN EASILY AMBUSHED FLIMSY, ROAD/TRAIL-BOUND HUMVEE/STRYKER TRUCKS AND THIN-BOTTOMED BRADLEY/ABRAMS TANKS IS THE WRONG FORMULA (CONOPS).We should not have the brain-washed marines come shore at all.This is not the only way Army and marine "leadership" (we use the term loosely) sets our men into no-win situations where their anger and frustration reaches impossible levels to control for their youth/immaturity/narcissistic values system.

To keep their budgets high for their prized nation-state war units, generals foist this lie that ANY young "shooter" can do COIN/SASO operations when the truth is we need a specialized corps and sometimes they will be the only ones getting the "action" and the kill/capture egomaniacs will have to sit this one out, which is too damn bad because they can't always be the center of attention.

He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt.