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Then what are we doing having clusterfucks of new Iraqi Army Soldiers march close together on parade? Obviously, these Shia-dominated "security" forces from the Shia majority factionocracy are barging into civilian homes as learned from the Americans, roughing up and killing them, feeding new recruits for the rebellion. Army Chief of Staff, General Schoomaker thinks he can order the "From Here to Eternity" garrison culture out of existence, when his modularity reorganization will result in more narcissists with rifles from trucks with lots of time on their hands to play garrison games.Our brutality of the Iraqis matches our mishandling of the south Vietnamese and will result in the same defeat because small, sub-national conflicts cannot be done properly by big, nation-state war forces however "scaled-down". To end this, he or his successor needs to insure Soldiers KNOW WHAT COMBINED ARMS WARFIGHTING LOOKS LIKE FROM BASIC TRAINING ON, ORDER RETIREMENT PARADES BE STOPPED, re-equip our light infantry and sustainment troops with tracked M113 Gavin APCs to have non-linear battlefield protected cross-country and amphibious mobility and get rid of garrison buildings and lawn care by BATTLEBOXes.All sorts of suggestions, ideas, concepts, and opinions must be allowed to promote an environment of learning and imagination.A fault of many potentially fine commanders is a lack of the ability to admit that other people have good ideas.The 4, 000 death toll would be much higher were it not for advanced medical treatment.Meaning, we'd have over 50, 000 dead by now if we were saddled with Vietnam medical technology which would at least alert the public of an ineptly conducted war to get the BS to stop.

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It ultimately means the unnecessary death, mutilation, and disfigurement of Soldiers for the sake of the commanders.If younger Soldiers are not allowed to use and cultivate their imaginations and their abilities for abstract thought, where will we get the next generations of qualified, motivated, and confident commanders?Commanders who never ask for an opinion, never listen to suggestions, and think they have the only correct idea find that their Soldiers will stop communicating altogether. No matter how high in the ranks a man goes, he can't know everything. Juniors must learn not only to be allowed to use their imaginations, but they must be encouraged to do so.THE POINT HERE IS THAT YOUNG NARCISSISTIC EGOMANIAC SOLDIERS ARE THE WRONG PEOPLE TO SEND TO OCCUPY OTHER COUNTRIES AND OPERATING FROM GRANDIOSE FOBS WITH PRESENCE PATROLS ON FOOT AND IN EASILY AMBUSHED FLIMSY, ROAD/TRAIL-BOUND HUMVEE/STRYKER TRUCKS AND THIN-BOTTOMED BRADLEY/ABRAMS TANKS IS THE WRONG FORMULA (CONOPS).

We should not have the brain-washed marines come shore at all.B EVERY WEEK is being spent in Iraq alone, that's 8B/year 5 years = 0 B Most of the $$$ is going to military people and junk weapons profiteers.Willing victims and victim-izers all using Amero Fascistist pride and sunk cost excuses to keep on occupying a country that doesn't belong to us and propping up a Islamic Shia factionocracy that the majority of the Iraqi people do not support. America's Economic Addiction to War Defintely Iraq will be the biggest quagmire EVER for the American people EVER all thanks to flag-waving, "christian" Satanist GWB.This is not the only way Army and marine "leadership" (we use the term loosely) sets our men into no-win situations where their anger and frustration reaches impossible levels to control for their youth/immaturity/narcissistic values system.

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