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20-Aug-2017 07:53

Last month, singer Art Garfunkel reignited the debate over the Napoleon Complex by accusing his erstwhile partner Paul Simon — all 5ft 3in of him — of being a sufferer.‘I think you’re on to something,’ Garfunkel reflected, looking back on years of in-fighting and estrangement.Short people are more likely to become crooks, they’re more likely to develop heart disease, they tend to be more unhappy and they don’t live as long.No wonder vertically challenged people feel they are getting short shrift.A 2004 study by psychologist Timothy Judge found that tall people earn more.He calculated back then that every inch of height added 9 (£505) to someone’s annual salary every year so that, on average, a worker who was 6ft earned ,525 (£3,535) more than someone who was 5ft 5in.

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He invited 60 women to take a simulated underground train journey while wearing virtual reality glasses.One study suggesting the short man complex is real came from Professor Abraham Buunk, of Holland’s University of Groningen.Psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson says: ‘For every nasty little Napoleon or Hitler, there’s an equally nasty Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi who is tall.As a result, they can develop a sense of rebellion and resentment that makes them more flamboyant and ambitious.

Candidates for the Tinker Bell Complex include Lady Gaga (5ft 1in), Barbara Windsor (4ft 10in) and Lulu (5ft 1in).‘I would say so, yes.’In its classic form, personified by Captain Mainwaring in Dad’s Army (who is regularly taunted as a ‘Napoleon’ by Warden Hodges), short men overcompensate for their lack of height by being extra-assertive and chippy. Although Napoleon is assumed to have been short, he was 5ft 6in, around average for a man in the late 18th century.The confusion arose from portraits of the dictator standing alongside unusually tall guards.It’s easy to think of case examples but scientific evidence is very limited.’In an unusual — and slightly silly — study, men of different heights duelled with wooden sticks.