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16-Mar-2018 03:11

Bob Jones University in South Carolina only dropped its ban on interracial dating in 2000; a year later 40 percent of voters objected when Alabama became the last state to remove a ban on interracial marriages from its constitution. One of the hardest struggles for interracial couples is the fact that the topic itself is still one of the most debated "taboos" in our country -- a country that, at its heart, is still very nervous about the idea of races, cultures, and classes mixing.

(Consider ongoing immigration debates, an imbalanced criminal justice system, and the fact that we can't stop obsessing about the degree of blackness of our mixed-race presidential candidate.)It also doesn't help that happy, healthy interracial couples are still a novelty in Hollywood.

Denzel Washington can mack on Eva Mendez in Training Day, but in both The Pelican Brief and The Bone Collector, the hottest black actor in Hollywood didn't have a chance in hell at getting hot and heavy with co-stars Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie.

What a shame."There are no complex sociological reasons for the taboo still attached to interracial romance in movies.

Finally, two mature adults of different races in a complex relationship that wasn't all about their racial differences! (I still maintain that Washington's firing had more to do with his race than that stupid thing he said, but I'll save that debate for another essay.)The fact that teen channels show more examples of interracial relationships than the Big Four networks actually represents what some scholars consider the trend of mixed-race partnering in America.

According to a 2005 Cornell study, most interracial relationships that last into adulthood were formed early on in the individuals' lives (late teens to early 20s).

While there's still a ways to go outside of Shondaland, there are so many great interracial #Relationship Goals popping up in the media.

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And we've got it easy compared to most: Had we been born at different times and in different states, we'd never have had a chance.It's racism, pure and simple," says Charles Taylor, in an article about the lack of such relationships in pop culture."Perhaps these attitudes are sometimes connected to an executive's fear that audiences will be turned off by the sight of black and white together, but a decision that bows to racism must bear the mark of racism itself."If liberal Hollywood can't embrace the image of interracial love, what are the odds the Deep South will?, a comedy based on a white couple's inability to accept their daughter's black fiancé.

The film was considered both groundbreaking and controversial.Interestingly, teen networks like The N and ABC Family are quite progressive in showing boys and girls of all different colors holding hands and developing crushes.The N's Degrassi: The Next Generation pushed lines further with kissing, sex and pregnancy, and has continued to with couples on Instant Star and The Best Years; ABC Family's Lincoln Heights focuses on a black family with a teen daughter who's dating a white boy. The best interracial couple we've seen in years was Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington on Grey's Anatomy.Having a constant ally in the fight against prejudice and racial inequality is not only the pillar of support you find in every great relationship, but also proof that there's no inherent bias, just injustice. When you hang out in packs, it looks like a United Colors of Benetton ad.

My Daughter Married a Negro" Interracial Relationships in the. rest of his family and their friends and neighbors did indeed have issues with the marriage.… continue reading »

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