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01-Apr-2017 08:11

If my wife looks to me to be God for her — to love her like only God can love her — I'll fail every time and on every count. Tragically, I see too many young people wanting to get married in order to find this God-acceptance and God-love.

Infatuation can initially feel like it approaches this God-love, but eventually it fades, disillusionment sets in, and the once "fabulous" relationship soon becomes an excruciating prison. Instead of following Plato in a wild pursuit of our soul mate, we should seek to find a biblical "sole mate." A sole mate is someone who walks with us as together we apply biblical love.

Despite such bizarre philosophical musing, the notion of a soul mate has deeply rooted itself in our culture, inspiring countless movies, novels and top-40 songs.

One Rutgers University study found that 94 percent of people in their 20s say that the first requirement in a spouse is someone who qualifies as a soul mate.

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It really doesn't matter whether my spouse is a "soul mate," as much as it matters that I choose to love her with Christ's love.

The notion of a "soul mate" is actually pretty ancient.

Well over two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato surmised that a perfect human being was tragically split in two, resulting in a race of creatures sentenced to spend the rest of their lives searching for that missing other who can complete them.

That means a sacrificial mindset marked by generosity, kindness and mercy — for she certainly is my sole mate, my precious sister in Christ.

A biblical sole mate who walks in this truth, who daily travels God's journey of sacrificial love and who willingly goes "into training" for godliness is a far more stable foundation upon which to build a lifelong partnership than the philosophy of Plato.Not the couple displaying the most emotion, with the biggest smiles on their faces, or who can't keep their hands off each other; but rather, the women or men who, through the duties and sacrifice of marriage, have trained themselves to love with God's love.They live out the Gospel on a daily basis, forgiving, serving and putting others first in the most ordinary issues of life in such a way that they see themselves in training for godliness.Love is not an emotion; it's a policy and a commitment that we choose to keep.