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The Old Stone Age (Paleolithic Era) -from the beginning of human existence until around 12,000 years ago Why do we call this time in history the Stone Age?During this time humans used stone to make tools and stone was used many times as part of the actual tool. A computer or smart phone are examples of modern-day tools.Would you have liked to live in the Paleolithic Era?In the next chapter, we will look at four important sites that show evidence of Paleolithic people.Quite convincing dates are sometimes arrived at by importing parallels from other contemporaneous cultures.This parallelism is formed due to trade relations, particularly wehen trade followed in both directions.By flaking early humans could sharpen spear and arrow tips to hunt prey. As far as we know today, people have only been writing about their experiences for about 7,000 years.

For example, if the cultural contents of the lower deposit are Mauryan in character, appropriately this deposit may be assigned a date between 400-200 B. Similarly, if the cultural equipment of the upper deposit are of the Sunga period, this deposit has to placed between 200-73 B. Quite often, the archaeologist decided the change of stratum on the basis of the feed of the deposit.

Once a type has been classified by the aid of its context further specimen of the same type, even when found in isolation, can be assigned their place in terms of dates.

Association in simplicity can be illustrated by an example, at the port of Arikamedu near Pondicherry.

In such cases subjective element cannot be ruled out.

But, for a single culture site the method is quite reliable.

Gathering is finding wild berries and other plants to eat. There were not many humans at this time, and they were spread out, rather than living close together.

DATING METHODS IN ARCHAEOLOGY. the chronology worked out for the geological deposits helped in dating the prehistoric tools found in these deposits.… continue reading »

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Stone tools and other artifacts offer evidence about how early humans made things, how they lived, interacted with their surroundings, and evolved over time.… continue reading »

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Showing Their Age Dating the. Here are more details on a few of the methods used to. A team of scientists digging in Ethiopia in 1997 found stone tools.… continue reading »

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