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Basically it may weaken solder contacts and with reflow you can fix it.Hope this help someone who need some info." Sorry for my English (google translator).If the BIOS file is too large to fit with boot files, consider using the EZ Flash method described below.)Insert the motherboard support CD into optical drive.The final message will be "Verifying flash." DO NOT switch off or reboot at any point in this process or you will ruin your motherboard.There is plastic screw somwhere near the RAM slots.I then replaced the HDD and immediately the Windows process started and everything was back to normal.

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This problem is related to RAM units First you should turn off your device, unplug the charger and remove the battery Then hold the power button for at least 30 seconds.Only need to press the power button for a minute or more.It worked for my notebook Asus Q550L, but I suspect all about Asus UEFI boot.After the update is complete, the utility will return to the DOS prompt.

Enter the BIOS Menu and load "Setup Default."Save and reboot.

I disconnected the hard drive then booted up the laptop.

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