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Looking for information on an Ernie Ball Music Man, Sting Ray5, Fretless E47647; Fender Precision Special, MZ7118626, Epiphone Viola, 1410200643. And any opinion about the quality of these instruments. I have an Ibanez Custom Agent 2405 in a cherry red finish, which I bought new in 1976. 974-1975 model, with Super 70 pups (I have the original documentation), but would be interested in knowing which year it is.No serial #, since it's pre-lawsuit, but there is a code "Y-12" stamped at the top end of the finger board under the E & A strings…any ideas?You’ll see the inspiration for launching Eastwood Guitars in these images below. I took it to the local luthier and asked him to refinish it, to remove the awful sticker. A couple of Fender Duo-Sonics, which were the inspiration for the Warren Ellis Tenor Series.The Airline Guitars were sold through Montgomery Ward.The Guitar Dater Project aims to provide you with the information hidden in your Guitars' Serial number in plain English.The aim here is to gather as much information about who made what guitars and for whom.In fact, it was likely that your parents were steering you in the direction of accordion lessons. The Beatles – and of course others – stopped all that.Suddenly, electric guitars were #1 on every kids Christmas list.

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Other than that, look under the pickguard of pickups.

Also, loop the cable through your strap as stress relief.

I remember once a few years after when my Gretsch had been stolen, my rhythm player offered to lend me his Strat for a major show . This three quarter sized Stratotone was the very first Stratotone and was a solid body guitar. It is essentially a "Mercury" model H-47 with a second pick up and a "blender circuit" added. Guard the side of your guitar with your life, when it has the jack is located there. To avoid damage, use a right angle cable end, never a straight plug.

It was a gift from my Nannie Campbell - the first of numerous guitars she would help me acquire. These sites see quite a few Harmony guitars, find your model and see how it is selling!

Also, this site contains a fairly good listing of values. ebay, guitarauction, vegastoday, amazon, auctionbuy, auction addict, up4sale, etc.

This data is then compiled and used to improve the guitar dating function of the site.