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Maternity Action has detailed information about your maternity rights.For more information, see the government's Pregnancy and work leaflet for employees.

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Or they may ask for your maternity certificate (MAT B1), which confirms your pregnancy and due date.To claim this entitlement, you must give your employer the correct notice.Even if you don't decide to take all of the maternity leave you're entitled to, you will have to take two weeks of leave after your baby is born.You can both take some leave to be together after the birth of your baby.

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You can then decide which one of you goes back to work while the other stays at home. You'll need to tell your employers that you'll be taking shared parental leave.If you take all 52 weeks of maternity leave, you don't have to give notice that you're returning to work.Your employer will assume that you plan to take your full entitlement to maternity leave. If you want to go back to work sooner, you'll have to give at least eight weeks' notice.Your employer may want to discuss a range of issues, which could include your plans for returning to work, important changes at work, or opportunities for promotion.

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