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I am most impressed by their efforts - keep up the great job !!Securities and Exchange Commission - The objective is to find out if trading in the security has been suspended, and the reason.Outlaw Gang List: Alvord-Stiles Gang (1899) – Led by two ex-lawmen, Burton Alvord and Billy Stiles, this gang of train robbers operated in Arizona Territory at the turn of the century.Some of the members of the gang were were Bravo Juan Yoas, brothers, George and Louis Owens, “Three Fingered Jack” Dunlap, and Bob Brown.The objective is to determine the status of the corporate charter.One can find out if it has been cancelled, along with a reason.If the corporation is still active, a record of the current corporate headquarters address can be obtained.

Sam Bass Gang (1877-1878) – Led by Sam Bass, this gang robbed trains and banks in Texas.The Financial Post 333 King Street East Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4N2.Financial Post Predecessor & Defunct - Basic Search Financial Post Predecessor & Defunct - Advanced Search With the state and date of incorporation information from the stock certificate, one can contact the "division of corporations", usually found under the "Secretary of State" responsibilities.Tracing and researching old obsolete and obscure uncancelled stock certificates and bonds to determine if the companies are still in business and what the current value of the certificates might be Address: P. Box 100 Cedar City, Utah 84721 Phone:435-586-9497Stock Cert Expert - Provides research on old stock certificates.

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'Million to one': Marjorie Barker, left, pictured during wartime when she worked in Harrods.