Dating painted dial grandfather clocks

08-Mar-2018 04:24

It is because of the people that enter data that makes this project as valuable as it is to the entire community.Attached is a summary of the data that the community collected during this last summer.

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The first white dials from 1770 to 1800 were lovely, simply and sparingly decorated, and with much of the white background showing.Village life was very conservative, and the people living in villages at this time still had no real need of to the minute time.From around 1730 (all these figures are approximate all the way through this article) the brass dial clock was made all over England in ever-increasing numbers, and the dials became more ornate as time went on, especially on the eight-day clocks.The majority of English grandfather clocks were made in The Midlands and the North of England.

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The new painted dial was cheaper and easier to produce and easier to read by the poor light available at night, so the brass dial was dropped from production over a very brief period, for our purposes it is fair to say that no brass dial clock was made in the big clock making centres after 1780.My main interest is grandfather clocks, I also specialise in the repair of musical clocks,chiming clocks,early lantern clocks,cuckoo clocks,in fact nearly any type of antique clock.I have a fully equiped workshop set in the lovely countryside around North East Lancashire.The missing numbers were often replaced with little symbols, often looking like stars.

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