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My parents’ Indian friends always have an 'Aunty' or 'Uncle' preceding their name; even it they are of no direct relation." Family activities in a South Asian teenager’s life are great opportunities to get in touch with family members, learn more about family culture, and have fun.

However, some South Asian teenagers may face certain family customs that can cause stress.

Sometimes South Asian teenagers feel that their parents will be uncomfortable discussing certain issues, but if they give honest conversation a try, they may be surprised about how open their parents can be.

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Back to top South Asian immigrant parents have sometimes grown up in a completely different culture than South Asian teenagers being brought up in America today.

Also, it is helpful to connect with teens from similar backgrounds and home life.

It is comforting to discuss problems with friends who have had the same experiences and may know more about how to handle them.

Some teenagers have never discussed “touchy topics” with their parents, such as sexuality, drugs, or co-ed parties.

The fact is, these topics should not be “touchy,” and teenagers should feel comfortable in openly discussing them with their parents.

Back to top Family members provide security and familiarity in a teenager’s life.