Dating pros and cons

08-Apr-2017 19:50

● Filling out profiles take time, there's no question about it, Brown-Volkman says.

Someone who is older than you can be your teacher in a number of ways.

Money can be used as power, keeping you dependent and on a short leash. It completely depends on who you are and who this older man or woman is.

Age shouldn’t matter if love is there, but it can be an issue, even in a loving relationship.

Likewise, he or she doesn't know anything about you. Is Passive Aggressive Behavior Affecting Your Life?

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It takes time to build trust and confidence in each other. Mormons typically date fewer people than non-Mormons before getting married, which might mean they are more likely to be satisfied with their marriage because they have less dating partners to compare their spouse to.Since nobody is perfect, couples that cohabitate or date for years before marriage might be less likely to marry.Although a struggle at times, the believer is often grateful for the law of chastity in regards to dating.

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