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It would be grossly unkind to you for me to hold you captive in any fashion. I will die 10,000 deaths knowing I cannot have you in my life as I would desire. I’m sitting at my table reading the Words that help me through powerful emotions that are surging through me. It was fun to have our Bible Study yesterday morning.

When we get scared, Jesus sends His spirit to live within us. He waits until we have fully matured before he takes us to Heaven to live with Him. But I would far rather die those deaths than to hurt you in any way by injuring your future. PLEEEAASSE don’t ever go back to what you were when we found each other. I promised you I would do anything to help you – and I have shown you what I mean by that. I Have my good music on – “I will trust in You” the “Power of the Cross.” Good music drives me to the Scriptures to find the strength to go forward when my emotions want me to “freeze” time go back to yesterday.

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This group is a bad idea, and for those of you who are on Facebook, you might want to let them know this.

Yes, there are exceptions, but they are exceedingly so – sorta like [name redacted] (sp? I would gladly do anything for you I must lay down my life – my desires – for you I will ALWAYS be here for you [Jane Doe]!! I still promise you I would do anything TO HELP YOU but I be me let can you when see to by stop time- time from Text you! No matter how glorious the past, the future is the only direction we can go without dying inside.

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Preparing for Marriage by Dr. Jack Schaap Dating with a Purpose by Dr. Jack Schaap BOOKS - TEACHING TOOLS PRICE $10.00 $12.00 $18.00 $12.00 PRICE 9.00 $10.00… continue reading »

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