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11-Sep-2017 22:47

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I was really having a hard time being single after being married for so long. I joined Elite Connections in New York and my professional matchmaker was wonderful.

Things are going well with a fabulous woman she introduced me to. read more Our New York matchmakers work hard to help the best singles around.

New York is probably the only city you will see men dressed to work out in clothes more expensive than your nicest pantsuit for work.

It's a city of ambition and all those ambitious men want to dominate not just the game, but the track surrounding it.

In their hurried attempts to secure the most lavish dates and best tables at the club, they've forgotten the simple and natural ways to charm a New York woman. They can't help that they are confronted with models and flawless actresses on a daily basis. It's just that men of New York can't see their morals over the towering 6-foot beauties.

We're not sure when it happened, but the mullet of the 70s has been creeping its way on top of the male head for the last 40 years and landed in a tight ball on top of one too many men who refuse to stay confined to their Brooklyn lofts. They can't help that with the plethora of beauty around them, they don't even want to think of "wasting time" with just one.

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Many of them are willing to just talk about what clubs you visit on Friday night more than what countries you've walked through. Gone are the days of flowers, horse-drawn carriages (Not that they should have ever been, have you seen those poor horses? In are the days of night clubs, tables and random sex.NIGHTCLUBS This one may seem obvious, but swanky nightclubs are prime places to meet affluent gents. For starters, your rich prospect won’t know, or take the time, to figure out whether you’re with your boyfriend or brother, he’ll already be making the rounds looking for another bubbly blonde.Don’t roll up with a gaggle of girls—way too intimidating—instead, arrive with one or two attractive girlfriends. Our top picks: Provocateur, Finale, Marquee, and No.In a city that thrives on miniature cupcakes and cute canapés, the New York Man has noticeably been downgraded to a man who orders things like paninis instead of sandwiches and Perrier instead of water. They're also used to millions of women passing them daily.

Why should they make the move when there are so many women who can just make the move on them?We know dating in New York can be a frustrating experience…let us help!Our clients are attractive, high-quality singles looking for the perfect partner. Still, every ruling monarch is looking for a quality queen to stand by his side…