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18-Jun-2017 18:40

Open Web Mail is designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way.

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The only limit is 10 API requests per minute per IP address. It's new, so it'll be much better if you can sign up and report new DEA domain name to us :-) See we have a public API to check disposable email addresses and domain names.Each user can determinte if he want to enable the auto login feature in Open Web Mail.When enabled, the user don't have type his username and password in every login to Open Web Mail. However, for security reason, the auto login feature will be actived only if user doesn't log out in previous session and the previous session is still not timeouted.they are somany hackers who claim to be what they are not. I have combined this list and all the modified forks here, and the domains mentioned in the comments, plus many other lists around the web in a new gist for me and for anyone it might help.