Dating ruger 10 22 serial number

30-Dec-2017 01:13

The older version like mine had an aluminum trigger group.The new ones have a plastic group, but it does not seem to be a problem.They may still have a model that is still real stainless but the standard silver looking ones are painted.Like I said I think there are some models that still have a real stainless barrel but the standard models that most people are looking for are not.Although, I'll be watching the receiver finish and wear like a hawk.i like the new plastic trigger guard its the same plastic they made the p-95 and that plastic can take a bomb blast but newer ones wood to plastic buttplate interface i saw didnt look as well matched as the good old days i dont like gaps I bought my first Sturm Ruger 10/22 back in 1984. Everytime I see a Ruger on display whether it's a gunshow or gun store I don't bother to ask them if I can look at it.

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They also downgraded the "greyed stainless" finish on their target rifles.

The new plastic barrel band and trigger assembly don't bother me any, but some folks might not care for it.

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