Dating ruger 10 22 serial number

30-Dec-2017 01:13

The deep bluing on their M77 rifles is gone on the Hawkeye, replaced by a matte finish.

I got an International (full stock) with the old bluing and it looks great.

The new plastic barrel band and trigger assembly don't bother me any, but some folks might not care for it.

Once I changed out the original hammer/sear for a Power Custom set and added some Tech Sights, it does just fine for me.

Although, I'll be watching the receiver finish and wear like a hawk.

i like the new plastic trigger guard its the same plastic they made the p-95 and that plastic can take a bomb blast but newer ones wood to plastic buttplate interface i saw didnt look as well matched as the good old days i dont like gaps I bought my first Sturm Ruger 10/22 back in 1984. Everytime I see a Ruger on display whether it's a gunshow or gun store I don't bother to ask them if I can look at it.

[QUOTE=Kevin XT;2933633]i have a new one and dont have any issues with it..

[/QUOTE] The stainless isn't even stainless any more it is some kind of sprayed on matte silver looking stuff just like the receivers.

If you look at the entire Ruger line you'll find economies taking place.

mainly because like most 10/22 owners they change everything anyways.. the polymer trigger frame actually mates up well with the tapco t6 stock...