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04-Feb-2017 11:27

It’s a Catch-22, so instead of trying to work out this chicken-or-the-egg scenario, just relax into the knowledge you will find many, many, many more gay people living in cities than a small town.

All this means is that if you’re a gay man and you want to meet and date other gay men, you should consider moving to a city if you don’t already live in one. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, New York…

The legal requirement is for packs or labelling to show the best before date.

Stamping options There is a wide range of egg marking equipment at different prices ranging from technically sophisticated high speed, high precision inkjet markers more commonly used in an industrial setting, to simple handheld devices.

Eggs can be stamped in trays at a rate of up to 70 eggs per minute, it really is that fast and easy.

Stamping can be carried out in small batches without the hassle of having to prepare stamp, pad, ink and solvent before each stamping session.

Ungraded eggs sold direct to the final consumer at the producer’s farm gate or sold by the producer locally door-to door in the region of production do not have to be marked either.

There is no legal requirement for the best before date to be stamped on the egg, however some producers do stamp this information on their eggs.

'UK') followed by a code identifying the registered production site.

After stamping the required number of eggs with the new pre-inked Easy Egg Stamp simply replace the lid, place to one side and it is ready for the next batch.

Each pre-inked Easy Egg Stamp will stamp up to 20,000 eggs before you pop the handle off and simply re-ink.

But on the surface, this question seems a little tougher to answer for gay men than for the straights, primarily because straight people sort of assume that everywhere they go they’re going to meet other straight people, while gay people can’t make the same assumptions.

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Still, there are plenty of great places gay men can meet other gay men, and in practice, these places don’t look that much different than the sorts of places straight people meet their matches.It doesn’t really matter what your friend circle looks like either.As long as your friends are cool with the fact that you’re gay (and they really should be if they’re your friends), then they are ready, willing and able to hook you up with other gay men you might want to date.) With the FDA and EU certified food grade egg ink contained within the stamp, there is no need for a separate pad, or messy ink bottles and solvents.

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