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11-Mar-2018 14:44

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True love -- the kind that lasts -- takes months and years to form.

So, now that we've established that your ex girlfriend's new man is actually not really a "replacement" for you but rather a temporary distraction while she gets over her feelings for you, let's examine why your ex's new man may actually be a good thing for you in the long run.

But in reality, anyone new she's with in the days and weeks after your breakup is probably a temporary rebound relationship to help her cope with her pain and sadness.

Yes, it sucks that your ex girlfriend is sleeping with someone else, and that can be ridiculously painful to think about.

Regardless of the reasons behind your breakup -- whether it was initiated by you or by your ex, whether it was messy or very cordial -- it's extremely likely that you have a good chance of getting back together with your ex girlfriend.

That also includes any scenario involving a new man she's found to replace you.

It can feel like someone stabbing you in the heart, and you may want to quit trying to win back your ex girlfriend altogether...

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Start casual, and eventually, you'll see her rebound guy fade from memory and be replaced by you.I am dumb founded & want her back but she has moved & is now living near him & makes it hard as she is now seeing someone else. Right How to find a bull on cuckold websites for cuckold couples dating Threesome Dating Website For Three Way Love Picking the Best Threesome Dating Site Dear Dr.I don't know what to do, is she playing me or does she still have strong enough feelings for me to want to get back together? Few things are as painful and depressing as hearing that your ex has already moved on and found someone new.

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