Dating table legs

19-Aug-2017 00:18

What that means is that you would say "George gave his approval for me to go" and you would say "George gave his approval for her to go"; when you compound the two pronouns, don't change their form: "George gave his approval for her and me to go." You might avoid the problem (if it sounds clumsy to you) and say "George gave his approval for us to go" or "George permitted us to go." I need information on diagramming sentences.

Specifically, I'm having trouble diagramming gerund phrases.

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Inspired by the 19th century, the Script collection by KALLISTA marries old-world details with new age form.

"He leapt upon the stage" means something different from "He leapt on the stage." But even there, the words are practically interchangeable.

I have seen "used in the creation of," but "used for" doesn't seem out of line, either.

I know that "Maria" in "They called the wind Maria" is an object complement. An object complement renames or modifies a direct object. For instance, if I say I mind getting wet when I walk in the rain, it means I don't like to be wet, right ???

I don't think you're going to find any rules specifically addressing this choice.

When you're saying "used to create," you're not using "to" as a preposition; here, it's part of the infinitive form. When you compound a pronoun with something else, don't change its form.

And if I said "The house is red", that would be a predicate adjective. I guess I detect a difference between the red house and the wind Maria (Is that how you spell that? (Some people would call "red" in "The house is red" a subject complement, but "predicate adjective" is also correct, as you point out.) Re Exercise in Parallelism II, question 4, "Either you will begin to study now or risk failing the exam": My answer was "Either begin studying now or risk failing the exam." I think this is shorter and better than Grammar's answer, "You will either begin studying now or risk failing the exam." I think the imperative is tighter and conveys a greater sense of urgency than the simple future. And if I say I mind getting fat, it means I do something in order to be in good shape, right ??

But, if Isay, I mind studying, does it mean: a) I don't like to study ?? It's no wonder you find this word confusing: it can mean two quite different things.Is there a specific rule dictating the uses of to/for? I don't think you'll find much on the difference between "on" and "upon" because there is virtually no difference.You would use "upon" if you were to suggest movement onto something.If you "mind studying," you don't like to do it -- whether you consider it important or not is an entirely different question.

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