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due to his large size but soft heart and lovable personality.If you are an owner of this gentle giant or you would like to become one, then checking out this article and the information that it contains would be a great idea.The Great Dane is a very old breed, cultivated as a distinct type for probably 400 years, if not longer.

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This sweet and people-oriented furry friend will give you all of his heart and love eagerly. There is no known reason for connecting Denmark with either the origin or the development of the Great Dane; it was ‘made’ in Germany, and it was a German fanciers who led the world in breeding some of the finest specimens.Some even say that dogs that resemble the today’s breed have been spotted in Tibet, because there are some mentions in Chinese written documents dating back from 1121 BC.The Great Danes may have had been spread through the world by the Assyrian people and after that Romans and Greeks combined them with other breeds which resulted in the ancestors of the today Mastiffs.They are also great with children and smaller animals.

They are friendly with other dog breeds, especially if socialized on time.We have lovely blondes and brunettes from Russia and Eastern Europe.Most of them have walked on ramp and work as a Oslo Escort just for fun. If you ever dream of dating a model; this is the right chance for you.Generally, a male should be about 32-34” in height and weights from 120 and up to 200 pounds.