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21-Mar-2017 11:06

You mention that you have two dogs, what breed are they?I’ve got a springer called Tess, who's always running around and a tabby called Cookie who sits by the fire all day.So if you see them daydreaming, don’t assume that it is about something bad.If they aren’t paying attention to you during a conversation, it doesn’t mean that what you have to say isn’t interesting or important. Also, encourage them to bring a notebook and pencil with them, wherever they go so that they can write down some of their ideas.I've spent the better part of 20 years helping people understand who they are, where they fit in the world, and how they can develop the skills necessary to achieve their version of the good life.Since starting this journey, I've had many people ask me about how our personalities affect our relationships.You aren’t alone and neither is your man if he is an INFP.

Making her compliments based only on her looks could be a red flag if the compliment isn’t genuine.

They always have ideas popping into their heads and don’t have a way to organize them.

Knowing that this what they are like by nature can help your relationship.

If he isn’t a writer, artist, or music composer by trade, then try and find his passion. They could team up and make some great art, not to mention it would be a wonderful outlet for your man.

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If you are having issues with coming to terms with being an INFP, note that a lot of famous people have been INFPs: …just to name a few.

People who are classified as INFP tend to be more: Quiet and reserved Prefer interacting with only a couple people than with a group Are more abstract than concrete See the big picture rather than focusing on details Feel rather than think Value personal considerations rather than being objective Withhold judgment Delay important decisions So what does that mean?

By Dr. A. J. Drenth In order to understand INFP relationships and dating. INFP Compatibility with Other Personality Types. As we’ve seen.… continue reading »

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